上海bob综合体育app登录 电器有限公司

上海bob综合体育app登录 电器有限公司坐落于上海市嘉定区南翔镇工业区内。距上海火车站14公里,虹桥国际机场17公里,宝山国际货运港口17公里。沪嘉高速公路经过工业园区内,交通便利,地理位置十分优越。

公司厂房面积900平方米,拥有2条自动化生产流水线,主要生产:通用型继电器模组、各种PLC输出专用继电器模块、I/O端子台、I/O通用电缆、光电隔离模组、OMRON伺服驱动器电缆线、MITSUBISHI MR伺服电缆线等、目前是MISUBISHI、OMRON、KEYENC、DELTA、PANASONIC的指定合作伙伴。



公司目标:让世界看到bob综合体育app登录 人认真的精神!

Shanghai Minxi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Nanxiang Town Industrial Zone, Jiading District, Shanghai. It is 14 kilometers away from Shanghai Railway Station, 17 kilometers away from Hongqiao International Airport and 17 kilometers away from Baoshan International Cargo Port. The Hujia Expressway passes through the industrial park, with convenient transportation and a very advantageous geographical location.

The company’s plant covers an area of 900 square meters and has 2 automated production lines, mainly producing: general-purpose relay modules, various PLC output dedicated relay modules, I/O terminal blocks, I/O general-purpose cables, photoelectric isolation modules, and OMRON servos Drive cables, MITSUBISHI MR servo cables, etc., are currently designated partners of MISUBISHI, OMRON, KEYENC, DELTA, and PANASONIC.

The company warmly welcomes friends at home and abroad to visit, guide and negotiate joining, cooperation, joint ventures, trade, and agency, and welcomes the processing of supplied materials and the cooperative development of new products and mutual development.

Company purpose: with professional spirit, professional technology and professional quality

Company goal: let the world see the serious spirit of Minxi people!